About Me

touring jazz pianist with solo project or trio. Active composer and established orchestrator.


Czech based musician


I like to travel and play with my intimate solo piano project. The main message is the fusion of old music forms and classical music principles with jazz elements, electronic experiments and improvisation.


Significant melody as a legacy of the European music, jazz harmony, improvisation, emphasis
 on elaborate sound, thoughtful construction of music form, color of compositions – these are the main features of Tomáš Sykora Trio. 

My Credos

“Why we are here? To create ourselfs”

Misha Alperin

“It’s about discovery and not about categories”

Charlie Haden

“Creativity is about unknown”

Misha Alperin

“If you learn how to be a better person, you’ll be a better musician.”

Charlie Haden

“Netvoří se z chvilkové inspirace, ale z ustavičného napětí.”

Josef Čapek

Tomáš Sýkora